We offer a wide range of services from hourly consultations to full project management and renovations. Whether you want to completely redecorate a home, or are looking for the perfect piece of furniture for a specific room, we are here to help.

Our dedicated teams of experienced professionals, equipped with the latest in design tools, are at your disposal to bring your ideas to life.

Your Project in 4 Stages:

The Meeting 

The first meeting with our team is the starting point for completing your project. We will assess how you use the rooms in your home, your limitations, your taste, and your expectations to gain a full understanding of your project.

Planning and Selecting Products 

Based on your specifications, we are able to create an extremely detailed plan of your interior space.

Precise measurements of existing pieces, exact placement of doors and windows: every detail is used to create a perfectly realistic rendering.

We then suggest a selection of products and a layout that are suited to your needs and taste.

After selecting your products, we work with you to determine the colours, materials, and finishes.

Your Future Interior Space Rendered

We use the latest design tools to create a complete rendering to show the different textures, lighting, and colours.

This rendering gives you the opportunity to see how your choice of products will actually look in your interior space.

From Rendering to Reality

Once all the planning is done, we are able to start to build the space or project in reality!

We are there to assist and manage the projects through every step of the process.